Letters of Life

The Small and Lovely Things

Only 12 more days to Christmas, and I wish the time would stretch. I’m just not ready for Christmas to be over too soon.

There are lists to make, and one must strategize which mall or two can maximize my time and energy for finding gifts. Aside from time to roam the shops (which is the part I shouldn’t love so much because it can degenerate into meaningless activity), I wish it would rain so much more. When afternoons get grey and dreamy, I get dreamy too. Nostalgia is as much a part of what the Christmas mood is— that, and being thankful to God for sending Christ as a child into this fallen world in His beautiful plan for my redemption.

In December, I get nostalgic at the drop of a hat. I remember old friends, and think of what they are doing now. I wish I could drop them a line, a text, but some seem to have moved on with their lives and their circles don’t include me anymore.

(Did I mention that nostalgia, if indulged too long, can degenerate into self-pity?)

I am thankful for new friends I made this year, even if they are people I’ve known before. Sometimes old acquaintances can become new friends, and I thank God for that too.

Last weekend, an old friend from a neighbouring country literally popped up into my life again, after months of silence. He was just visiting for the weekend, but we managed to catch up and go shopping like we did almost exactly a year ago. That surprise meant a great deal to me because that was a weekend in which I was feeling particularly rotten and low. Taking him and his bandmates around, shopping in Zara on a Monday morning, helped take my mind of the burden on my heart. We walked and talked and laughed, and and these helped me forget about the ache in my soul, even if it was just for a short time.

I thanked God for that little gift—a big gift—because it reminded me that He still loved me, no matter what I did. I know God shows us tender mercies in many small and significant ways, but it reminded me that God orchestrates events such that the things that matter most to me—the company of good friends—can also be His way of comforting me. The small and lovely things.


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  1. you are an amazing writer. I feel as though I am peeping into your personal diary. I can relate to those thoughts at this time of the year, with family and old school friends miles away.

    • Hey May May, thank you so much for reading and responding! I do appreciate your encouraging words. I plan to write another look-back-in-wonder very soon, after I’ve moved back to my apartment this week. You can subscribe to the blog and get the posts in your in-box straightaway, you know. The button is on the right hand column. 😀

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