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The Christmas Crunch: Making a list & checkin’ it twice

We seem to be hurtling towards Christmas at light speed. Do you feel that too? I am in two minds about this. On one hand, I think that’s always the way it is after mid-December because there’s a built-up frenzy to do errands, shopping, etc, all by the magical deadline of Christmas Eve. Daily, the traffic is crazy and the malls crowded by noon.

On the other hand, I wish I could slow things down, and I do try. Like sipping coffee by myself in between getting the boys’ haircuts and meeting the accountant to close the year’s accounts. Or buying Allure, one of my favourite magazines, just so I can be inspired by the hair and makeup and Spring 2010 lines. But still . . .

Maybe it’s because there’s so much going on with the musical’s preparations. First there was the writing of the script, the CD cover design, then there was the t-shirt (scrapped), the flyers, the rehearsals, the design of the program sheet. On top of that, clinic work, shopping for gifts, getting a real tree and decorating it, family stuff, music, blogging, transiting to the iPhone (yippee!)…life happens.

So to clear my mind, I’m making a to-do list.

I need to:

1. Wrap 17 presents.

2. Work on the concert programme for the Christmas Eve outreach.

3. Wrap another 34 presents.

4. Go for rehearsals and rehearsals.

5. Christmas festivities–family meals, corporate socials, hanging with friends. (And I love giving presents (except for the wrapping bit). Giving gifts isone of my little joys. Mainly because shopping for them is *such* a lot of fun.)

6. Doing a look-back-in-wonder at the year that is going out. (Watch this space.)

6. Order festive food for a chillout party New Year’ Day.

7. Plan the games and funny awards for the evening.

8. Decide which of 14 white tops to wear. Or will it be one of  17 black tops instead?  Nothing too restrictive or uncomfortable because I will be mixing drinks, being a good host, and generally plan to have a relaxing good time with friends old and new.

10. Get ready for school, and everything that entails (6am alarms, haircuts, new shoes, books, bags, buses. . . ) I don’t think I am ready for 2010. Not by a long shot. Are you?

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  1. Gosh! I do feel like a lazy bum now during this season. May He order your steps so that you won’t get too burnt out.

    • hey there! I can’t believe you changed ur user name! Tt’s really sweet. Thanks, and I won’t get burned out. How can I, when there’s this great party to look forward to? A big part of me just wants this last month of the year to go on for *one* more week. . . know what I mean?

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