Letters of Life

The Non-Jurrasic Thesaurus

So I was at Kino in the crazy runup to Christmas (I don’t care how old this sounds, I will bandy the word Christmas as much as I like even if everyone’s now into 2010), and found myself in the Dictionary section. It’s near the exit afterall. (Christmas!)

I remembered I wanted to get myself a thesaurus because ever since I started this blog, I found myself looking up thesaurus.com for alternative words. Unlike a dictionary which gives many things about words (spelling, meaning, origins), a T is useful when you want a more accurate or effective way of saying what you mean. Thesaurus comes from the Greek and Latin meaning treasury or storehouse.

I can hear you sniff and say “How boring is that?”
And I can empathize and say, “Isn’t that just dry as dust?” or MEGO: Mine Eyes Glaze Over. (I did some thumbing just.) Then I realize that boring isn’t the exact word I’m looking for and I look under dull and found more choice words: That you’d think the exercise of thesaurusing (I made that up) uninteresting, sends you to sleep, and is tedious to the max.

That’s the beauty of not clicking on the .com version. There is nothing quite like a thesaurus with pages you can thumb through and dig around for the word you want. Also, bumping into a million other words in the middle of the quest is like feeding yourself with all kinds of exciting adjectives and verbs and nouns. One is a richer person for it.


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