Letters of Life

Thoughts After Week One of Lent

Day 8 of Lent

This Lent, I’ve added an all-day fast on Monday and Friday on top of the abstinence from the social networks.

Monday’s fast was relatively easy, though there were hunger pangs. But I kept my thoughts on others, like a friend and her high-risk brain surgery, and another friend whose teenaged son is battling depression.

Am so glad my friend’s operation went miraculously well and that she is out of the woods.

I do wish I could log on to FB, but I’m reminded of its inanity especially if one spends more time than the site deserves, and I know I could do something better with my time.

Musically, I’ve hit a wall. Its probably the same wall as before Lent. I don’t feel up to practising my singing, though I should. The run on Wednesday was great, as was the dinner later. The dynamics is unmistakably there.

Been ultra busy with coordinating a wedding too.

It’s early days yet, and I need to steel myself. But I wonder if somethings are just indelibly there that no amount of whitewash will remove.

Tell me what you think.

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