Letters of Life

Days 37-39: Easter weekend

4 April 2010

Amazing weekend.

Good Friday saw a full day, with music practice for Easter (again, I wasn’t slated to play on Easter weekend. I can only thank God for the privilege of serving Him on such a day like that), the drama rehearsal, and then preparing for the Good Friday service at home.

Fasting began on Holy Thursday night. The plan was to break fast after the Good Friday meeting. This explains why the meeting began at 6.30 pm sharp with 100 per cent attendance, and ended on time so we could head out to dinner. Such camaraderie over a cheerful meal! And then back to the apartment for J’s homemade brownies with ice-cream from The Marble Slab. A riotous evening of Singlish ensued, with many in the group spouting Hokkien phrases like there was no tomorrow. They were obviously keen to display their prowess at Singlish; and delighted in correcting my bad accents. I discovered I was among pros. Still, to have a good command of Singlish as it is spoke, and to speak it eloquently is not something everyone is blessed with. Obviously, I am disadvantaged.

Ethan was nonplussed as his ears were bombarded with the alien dialects. He said, “The only Singlish we speak here is ‘lah’.”

Saturday saw me making a rare visit to another church for their production Life Book. It literally moved me to tears and took my breath away. I came away in awe of what a mega-church can do to present the gospel to 21st century kids. It inspired me to get an inkling that somehow, we at NLCC can surely do the same. Even without the bells and whistles.

Easter Sunday came with magnificent rain and stormy weather. But it didn’t seem to deter the many guests who filled our sanctuary to capacity. The children stole many hearts singing So You Would Come.

On many levels, God was bringing things to pass amongst us, His little family that is NLCC. Things that perhaps we will only fully understand much, much later.

Blue, black and white was the unofficial colour code that evening.


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