Letters of Life

A Surprise Gift


Unicorn sightings are rare.

It was in college that I first met the young lady whom I thought of as ‘the unicorn’. I have only a few vague ideas as to why. Unicorn lore (odd, fairly localised and sometimes contradictory) is no help. I suspect that part of it had to do with the very creative personality with odd sharp edges and sudden scintillating facets that I saw. I never got to know her very well.

Today I saw the unicorn again. Like all unicorn encounters, you come out of it wondering if it was real. And yet at least one thing has changed: you know more about unicorn encounters than you knew before. You too are different; you know more about life than you did before. When you put the two together, you are more able to make sense of the unicorn.

Today is a good day.

Thus did schoolmate A write so elegantly about — well, yours truly. It came at a time when I was embarking on a quest, destination unknown. A quest for — liberation, maybe. It was just a vision, vague, heroic. This was not a time to indulge my fear of the unknown. And this little gem of a blog post gave me encouragement as I set sail on my long tumultous journey of the soul. Who could ask for anything better?


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