Letters of Life

Day 21–Going Bonkers

Ever get the feeling you’re trying too hard?

I think it just hit me. Wham. I’m so tired right now there’s no energy for an exclamation point.
Kapow. Ever get the feeling there’s so many things you WANT to do, HAVE to do, and ultimately, also DON”T WANT to do?

This feeling, it feels like an attack on my emotions.

I am SO glad the compilation CD with my original composition got done in time.

I never thought my own lyrics could bring a sense of comfort, empathy, relief. . . but it does. It seems like it was tailoredmade for me, for this very moment. And all other moments when these lyrics described the way I felt, feel, and will feel.

And how I wish I have the discipline to do what needs to be done (musicwise) so I can feel I am making strides towards improving how I play, how I sound.

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  1. Hi M!

    Before one can even make any significant progress music wise, fashion wise or other wise… one has to improve their sleep pattern above all else.. I hope you get a really good rest and not worry about everything else that you “have to do”..

    honestly, you don’t have to and you are still going to be you, Andre and He still greatly adores you and your friends are still rallying behind you.

    May you enjoy a good deep sleep soonest…

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