Letters of Life

A Week of Friends, Musicians, Angels

I’d been feeling a little raw inside, you’d never tell just by looking at the outside. But my Father in heaven knew that beyond great cuisine in table-clothed restaurants and even beyond the gossamer bling of retail therapy, the right prescription for my troubled soul was the company of friends and good conversation. Hell, forget the conversation, the company of good friends was enough.

Early one morning, when I woke up feeling distinctly Eeyore-like, I heard a voice in my head say: “You need to be happy.” It’s a choice I was instructed to make, especially at moments when regret made me want to turn back the hands of time. The Spirit had disapproved, disagreed, and said to be happy in the now. The now of the moment. Let me remember the weekend of April 8th, because I feel it was orchestrated by God and is His promise to me of good things to come.

Friday April 8th My long-awaited catch-up session with Andrew (aka Lanven), who came down from KL with Patrick. Both are working for Christian record company Oops! Asia, and I first met Andrew at NLCC’s music camp ’08. We struck a chord with each other (tee hee) back then and it was so nice to see an old friend again.

What are we grinning at? The pillar.

Lanven, I mean, Andrew, I, and Gabby had a loud and unforgettable time in Sharon’s car teasing each other almost non-stop all the way to Harbour Front for dinner. Let’s do it again soon.

Saturday, April 9th The afternoon and evening were spent with Hideki and Yumi, who are staying at 110. H&Y are Japanese missionaries based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, and they have been my angels this whole week, drawing me into their world so I can be refreshed and renewed in my spirit just being with them.

Hideki and Yumi have wonderful testimonies that move the heart and uplift the soul

Dinner was at Hakata Nihon Ryori, a little piece of heaven off Mohd Sultan, serving up authentic dishes from the Hakata region of Kyushu. Ever had slender cod fillets blanketed in spicy codfish roe (mentaiko) and grilled until the roe is bright and buttery? Well, you must.

Sunday, April 10th I’d been looking forward to Bob Fitts in concert that whole week, and I wasn’t disappointed. Patrick (far left) opened the evening, followed by Gabby, and a young band, all of whom sang original songs. Earlier I had gone shopping with Gabby for clothes and accessories for the concert, and had a grand ol’ time doing her face before the show (Shiseido’s Maquillage is the cat’s pajamas!). Bob Fitts led the worship so effortlessly the Spirit had great freedom to move in and among His people that night. It was a time of surrender and healing for many of us.

Bob Fitts made leading worship seem so easy

Your divine orchestration,
Crafts my history, Creates a newfound memory
Your divine intervention
Lifts my eyes in Your direction
Thank you that they make me smile
When my heart is aching
Thank you that the words unsaid
Turn out to be blessings
Thank You for the silly, small and lovely things
That make life amazing. (from The Small and Lovely Things, M, 2008)

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