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Month: May 2010

Tokyo Daze (I)

I’ll try and make it a Top Five List of First Impressions for now. It’s early into my 10-day reconnaissance trip of the Land of Hello Kitty. #5: As urban places go, it feels like Hong Kong on a larger scale. Nipponphiles will cry foul, but when I found myself on a cold, grey afternoon… Read More ›

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Sitting at the dining table last night amongst friends, sifting through the tedious timeline that accompanies all wedding planning, I think, “Didn’t I just do this two months ago?” Deja vu. Two months ago before Easter, I was roped in at the eleventh hour to co-coordinate a friend’s wedding. I never thought I was much… Read More ›

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Favourite First Lines (1)

Of the five listed, there is only one title here that was published after 2000. I think I was too into Confessions of a Shopaholic and the like to have amassed a good collection of favourite first lines in the 21st century. If you look at the titles, you’ll see a typical girl’s collection, definitely… Read More ›

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Brothers Who Brunch

These are unlike another group, sometimes called the Ladies Who Lunch (LWL). LWLs 1) wake up late, 2) doll themselves up to the nines, 3) are chaffeured to a chi-chi Orchard Road venue at lunchtime, and 4) dawdle over rich food and wine til three in the afternoon. The next month, they see themselves at… Read More ›

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My Top Five List: Romantic Things

Ming’s first Top Five List of the year.

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Walkin’ Away

Listening to Craig David’s I’m Walking Away. “I’m walkin’ away, from the troubles in my life, I’m walkin away. . . ” R&B. Classy R&B. I feel the need to walk away . . . It’s all in my head, obviously. I know I’m making the best of it, and so is the other. …. Read More ›

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Round and Round

I used to lovelovelove this song. “We are the artisans, and we’ve been crafted. . . “ I used to think that was such a great lyric. Actually, it still is. Nobody, not Taylor Swift, not this month’s flavour-of-the-month, or the erstwhile Kelly Clarkson would know what to do with a word like artisan. It’s… Read More ›

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RePost: Wasting Time with God

A blog I subcribe to, The Website of Unknowing by a Christian thinker, Carl McColman, wrote something so interesting I decided to retweet–or is it repost–an excerpt. Background: This writer blogs and writes books about the contemplative life of a Christian. In fact, he had just finished writing, editing, and proofing a book about it…. Read More ›

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Another Todd Song

A line from a song came to mind recently, and so here it is. Another beautifully crafted song from another era. If you were living through it, it’s hard to believe the 70s was a more innocent time, but of course it was. It may have been dismissed as The Decade of Disco, of all… Read More ›

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Poetry Revisited

They say youth is wasted on the young. Well, I say, Donne, as in John Donne, is likewise wasted on the young. I should know. I remember signing up for The Metaphysical Poets because the Children’s Literature class was full, and deeply regretted it. I was too impatient to appreciate lines like She’s all states,… Read More ›

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Ambient Cover

This is a dreamy cover of the Billy Idol hit, Eyes Without a Face. The instrumental bridge is brilliantly reflective, verging on melancholic, with a simple riff that I want to play on the keys. It’s one of those evenings when dishes need to be washed and put away, another laundry load to be done,… Read More ›

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Games Weekend

A weekend of games and building ties that bind. Friday night saw a bunch of the Messengers get together to play tennis and table-tennis. For me, tennis was a whole lot of picking up rather than the racket sport it’s spozed to be. For some reason, the flying ball kept evading my racket. Table-tennis was… Read More ›

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