Letters of Life

Walkin’ Away

Listening to Craig David’s I’m Walking Away.

“I’m walkin’ away, from the troubles in my life,
I’m walkin away. . . ”

R&B. Classy R&B.

I feel the need to walk away . . .

It’s all in my head, obviously. I know I’m making the best of it, and so is the other. . . what can you do with a lemon but make lemon juice and all that. . . but some days, you just wish it could be better than it is. Sometimes, you wish for normalcy. . . but what is normal now? Sometimes I wish I were a better person. Some days, I’m just a victim of my own ever-changing moods. I guess, I’m just–tired.

Tired of the charades. Of smiles that are too bright. Of pretending. Of feeling constrained. Of thinking of the approach, of making polite conversation, when my inclination is to be familar and presumptuous, and to revel in not being boring and conventional.

In the meantime, I’m listening to Craig David. [Of course I’m listening to way more than just this guy…there’s Todd Rundgren, and good ol’ Madness. . . you know what I mean.]

And walkin’ away.


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