Letters of Life

Brothers Who Brunch

These are unlike another group, sometimes called the Ladies Who Lunch (LWL).

LWLs 1) wake up late, 2) doll themselves up to the nines, 3) are chaffeured to a chi-chi Orchard Road venue at lunchtime, and 4) dawdle over rich food and wine til three in the afternoon. The next month, they see themselves at the selfsame lunch smiling coyly from the glossy pages of a high-society rag. Oh yes, they’ve been photoshopped to look frighteningly youthful. At least, this is the common perception of who they are.

How should I know what they really do? I’m not of that ilk, and I’m making it all up. No doubt there is a Pomellato ring of truth in there somewhere. However, I did have the opportunity to have the brothers over for brunch this morning. Brothers who brunch (BFB).

First, the brothers took a morning dip in the pool. Brrrr. Well, specifically, Ben and Ying took the cool dips while Dominic donned his Swim Coach cap and stood by the edge and ordered the hapless duo to swim at least 20 laps up and down the watery lengths.

Then they came over to move some heavy furniture before settling down to a brunch of scrambled eggs with cream and grated cheddar, chopped tomatoes (I couldn’t dice them), saut√©ed button mushrooms, toast and salted butter, all washed down with hot cups of down-to-earth Sabah tea (no aftertaste).

Adidas dri-fit tees and shorts, not Alaia or Armani, were the order of the day.

Brothers' Brunch

The time flew. I realized that this was one of those serendipitous moments in life where the men, who usually busy at the workplace, found themselves in transit and decided to exercise, to hang, and enjoy simple breakfast together on a quiet Friday morning.

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