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Sitting at the dining table last night amongst friends, sifting through the tedious timeline that accompanies all wedding planning, I think, “Didn’t I just do this two months ago?” Deja vu.

Two months ago before Easter, I was roped in at the eleventh hour to co-coordinate a friend’s wedding. I never thought I was much of an organized coordinator, but luckily, I was part of a capable team in my church family and we were able to pull it off. The highlight of the day though was fifteen minutes before the service, when the maid-of-honour turned to me and said, “Where is my bouquet?” It was a good thing the stage had flower decorations. Nothing a rubber band and a bit of blue ribbon couldn’t fix.

Last night, we plied the hapless couple with questions that had never crossed their minds before. “Do you want to honour your parents at the service or during the diner?” “You’ll have to choose the music for the march-in, Holy Communion, the march-out, and the dinner entrance.” The looks exchanged by the couple makes you wish you didn’t sound so interrogating. You can almost see their minds starting to freeze into indecision as choices and permutations hover and hound like barking dogs that interfere with calm thoughts.

I realize that helping friends get married could well be one of the most memorable milestones of my life.

What an honour, I think, to be asked to be part of the planning process. By getting into minutiae with the couple, you gain access into their lives, their thoughts, share in their worries, hold their hands as you walk them down the aisle of preparing for the real walk down the crimson pile.

Things are always better the second time around. This time, my own feelings of fear and anxiety have evaporated because, now, I KNOW. The marvelous on-the-job-training I went through in March makes me feel like a second-time expectant mum. There’s anticipation, with the full knowledge of what the third trimester will be like and you are in a better position to take the pain with the joy.

Luckily, I’ve been spared the coordinator’s job. I’ve been handed the creative director portfolio here, something more fun, more visual, which most probably involves shopping in order to get done. I’ll be styling pre-wedding shoots, styling the couple, maybe even going to a small Malaysian resort in JB to take more dramatic shots. It’s gonna be a blast.


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