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Clues that Someone has a Crush on You

My Top Five List of Clues That Someone Has A Crush on You:

#5: The person will find a reason to text you regularly. At social gatherings, he/she will find a reason to chat with you. (Caveat: This has to be taken into the context of clues #4 to #1, or you might misread a naturally-friendly person’s actions.)

#4: The eyes have it. They rest on yours longer than usual. Most people make short eye contact, and tend to look away even in the midst of a dialogue. Not this one. Eyes which linger speak volumes. Conversely, as you look at this person who has a crush on you, this person turns away quickly to avoid eye contact. This too, is a clue.

#3:The level of excitement is palpable when the person attracted to you is nearby. It’s a kind of heightened energy that permeates conversation, actions, moods, voice inflexions, body language.

#2:This person tends to bring up your name often in conversations with other friends. It could be about something trivial, but there it is.

#1:This is an original idea, which I had yet to find anywhere else online. (Soon, soon, it will start appearing elsewhere as others catch on to it.) Ninety percent of whatever you post on Facebook (status updates, photos, links) will be ‘liked’ by the person attracted to you.

More often than not, there will be comments of the flattering kind, and tagging of photos (some of which you don’t even feature in), the list of actions is limited only by what Facebook can offer at the time. How do I know this? I see it when I log in, the actions of friends of friends so obvious I wonder why the object of admiration is clueless. (Oh right, he’s male.)

Sometimes, the person who has a crush might not even know these feelings of admiration exist. They might even have a romantic partner in tow. It doesn’t matter. Actions are actions, the eyes don’t lie, and you can’t shake the vibes. And Facebook? I keep saying it’s virtual and not real, and you can be anyone you want to be. Do anything you want and deny, or step back, choose your responses.

I find myself resorting to my (mostly accurate) intution and discernment, which might sound unglamourously low-tech, but is highly reliable.

I read between the lines.


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  1. Heh. My observations + personal experience tell me the same thing.

    I don’t do the Facebook thing much, though. Never really liked Facebook.


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  3. i do all 5 things, it applies to me

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