Letters of Life

Disney Faze

Ever get that trapped feeling in any of the Disneylands of the world? The saccharine colours, the overpriced souvenirs, the preponderance of Mickey, hidden and otherwise, the mind-deadening jingle-like songs, the vastness of the grounds, the lines for rides and shows, all make the place much too much larger-than-life, loud, and tiring after a while.

I took a walk in the cool, early-summer night outside the Disney fortress and the quiet streets, the leafy scent of the night air, reminded me of my college years abroad. Summer on campus meant long lazy hours with only a class a day, so much time spent in the company of friends, playing cards, cooking, eating out, roaming the quiet streets of a quiet town, revelling in the promise of similar days ahead. Nothing but the sun and blue sky, and movies, and music. I remember reading a poem called ‘Our Time. This was surely Our Time.

Nothing should remain forever, nothing could, and who would want that, except for the memories. Sometimes it’s good to reminisce a little, to think of good times.

A friend once wrote, “A smile for old times.” Such a lyrical line, economical and profound at the same time, she didn’t know she was writing poetry. Some day, I will use it in a song, some day. For now, I need to get Heigh Ho! and Bippidi Boppidi Boo out of my head.

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