Letters of Life

A Beautiful Mess. I mean, Dress.

The title, just so you know, is a pun on the Jason Mraz ballad, A Beautiful Mess. Also, unless you 1) like beautiful things or 2) are female, you might not find this post very interesting at all. You might even find it shallow to the max. That’s the good thing about blogs: They’re downright indulgent.

So the other night, I hit the stores with gal-pal V, in search of cocktail gowns for a friend’s upcoming wedding. The gown wasn’t for ourselves, but for the bride-to-be, who doesn’t quite share our view that shopping is fun and entertaining and therapeutic. So when she balked at our suggestion that she shop around for off-the-rack cocktail dresses for the dinner event, we decided to lighten her burden and head for the mall on her behalf.

A concessionaire in Isetan Scotts had delightful little dresses, tailored chic dresses, and long swirly ones. Unfortunately, I do not lead the glamourous life, so you can count on one hand the number of delightful dresses hanging forlornly in my closet.

I USED to go to cocktails… when I was a working girl I was tasked to attend cocktails so I could schmooze as a magazine writer. But really, schmoozing is extremely challenging when you are only 23; it takes guts and self-confidence that I only now fully own as part of my arsenal of social weaponry. I take out and wield my innate charm to disarm others when the occasion calls for it. And even then, it’s more like weapons of mass destruction, for I am not just socially versatile these days, but also socially agile: I put my foot in my mouth more times than I care to remember. But I digress.

Back to the dress.

This goddess gown in molten gold is pleasing in its simplicity.

Nature's first green is gold, Her hardest hue to hold. - Robert Frost

Paisley Paisley

This airy confection was one of our favourites, because it was undemanding, and made us feel beautiful.

Gossamer fit for Oberon's midnight soirees

This one takes the cake for its chiffon feather-lightness, its girlishness, it’s quiet elegance. It also reinforced my belief that one doesn’t have to spend thousands on a once-in-a-lifetime dress when such things of beauty are on racks in boutiques waiting to be discovered and squealed over, and loved.


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