Letters of Life

I can't say 'No' to . . .

This has to be done in Top 5-style. I can't say 'No' to:

At #5: Any opportunity to go shopping for or with someone.

One memorable trip included taking an indie-rock musician friend from Jakarta around Orchard Road in search of graphic tees and shoes (think blue suede). Thank goodness for late-night shopping on Friday and Saturday! That weekend gave me a deeper understanding of rock-chic dressing and its potential for *everyone*.

At #4: Any invitation to a night on the town.

A good example was when someone suggested hitting Chinatown on the eve of Chinese New Year, the craziest night to be there. Even though my energy level was dropping that evening, I stilll showed up and wandered the six-deep Chinatown lanes with a bunch of friends, drinking coffee, eating supper and revelling in the buzz that ushered in the Year of the Tiger.

At #3: Requests that come from good friends. Recently, one of them asked me to join her in a 10km run at the year's end. Frankly, I can think of at least 17 ways of spending a Sunday morning that don't include running and sweating for more than an hour, enduring pain and numbness in my legs, and collapsing at the end, only to get a certificate.

I said yes.

At #2: Lipgloss or sheer lipsticks. I like messing around at cosmetic counters looking at limited edition lip colours. Once, Chanel, in tandem with the much-hyped box-office opening of Star Wars: The Phantom Menace (1999), launched a limited-edition lipstick whose shade was geisha red with gold accents. I bought it not because I liked geisha red on my face but because of the name bestowed on the shade: Amidala.

At #1: Good conversation. Life is nothing without it.

Tell me what you think.

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