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I Never Believed This Was Possible – But Now I Do

I play the synthesizer as part of the band in church on Sundays. I'd heard stories from other musicians of how the Holy Spirit can fall on you and as a result, new sounds, new riffs and melodies can arise from your instrument even as you are playing.

I found that hard to imagine. I mean, how would that work? How does one play music or produce a series of notes or chords one has not heard before? And I don't mean making stuff up as you go along. It's more than that. They call it an anointing.

One Sunday service a few years ago, it happened. As I was playing the synthesizer and worshipping God, I heard a voice in my head say something like "Play the G an octave higher now." Or "Change the flute to a strings patch." And when I obeyed, the song sounded better. Fellow band members responded, the dynamics brought the song to a higher level. And I couldn't and wouldn't claim any credit for that.

There are variations of promptings, for God works in many mysterious ways. Sometimes, my fingers will do a glissando, a fingertip-run down the keys, at the end of the song, and I know this is not me as I don't do glissandos often, if at all.

I could go on. But really, what I learned through this is that all the Father requires of me is a worshipful heart and an obedient spirit that remains sensitive to His promptings. The sacrifices He treasures most are not the songs we sing, or even the ones we write for Him; the sacrifices of God are a broken spirit and a contrite heart. (Psalms 51:17).

After that first experience of playing as the Spirit led, I began to understand more about the heart of worship, and the feeling of liberation as I released myself, especially my inner self, into His hands. As I practiced and increased my skills, I found the Spirit's leading grew in direct proportion to my level of play. He would prompt rhythms to better accompany the bass or the drums, specific fill-ins to enhance the vocalist, specific instrument patches to use to bring out the essence of a song.

As I look back, my experiences in the realm of music has been one of the most exciting facets in my walk with the Lord. Ups and downs, plateaus, mountain top experiences, discouragement. And through it all, even when I don't feel it, He is there.

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