Letters of Life

Winter in June

They say it is the coldest winter since 1983. The days are averaging 15 deg C, and sometimes cloudy and dreamy, and so I’m lovin’ it.

Am with 9 others at the annual Hillsong Conference, spending 8 hours at Sydney’s Olympic Park, where the 10,000 seat Acer Arena sees us in worship and hearing world-class preachers impart and inspire us with the Word and guiding us grow long-forgotten dreams and visions which God once placed deep in our hearts.

I thought I could post updates on FB with free Wifi, but out in the ‘burbs, free wifi is a rare thing.

Midweek highlights (gotta make it a Top Five):
1. Would you think it shallow if a highlight is being able to wear a trenchcoat and boots everyday? And having hair that behaves?
2. Starting and ending each day in worship with 9,999 other believers from all over, hearing Christian leaders exhort and encourage on themes ranging from leadership to leading worship
3. Spending a day in the seaside town of Manly (probably the Brighton of Sydney), eating barramundi fish and chips, watching the rolling surf break over the stretches of beach facing the Tasman Sea, and taking silly photos jumping in the air and laughing our heads off
4. Having limited access to the Internet and realizing I can truly walk away from the chatter and noise that beguiles and tempts more often than I care to admit, and lastly,
5. Realizing that this is a holiday like I’ve never had in so long I’d forgotten.


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