Letters of Life

People Who Love People (II)

The second of my two-part paean (love the word!).

Because we spent an intense nine days together, braving the cold, walking the vast Sydney Olympic Park where the Hillsong Conference was held, late dinners in Chinatown, acting crazy cool in the seaside town of Manly, and even to Miranda police station.

Oh, and of course, the Hillsong Conference. A total of 9 morning and evening services, more than 10 inspiring sermons, queueing up 10 times outside the doors of the Arena, jostling with the waiting crowd, chope-ing seats with our jackets and scarves for other friends; all part of the plan.

#1: Luki

Snooki Luki

He was the Polar Bear, our unofficial mascot, largely due to his loose, swinging fleece jacket which was snowy white. Luki is a young man after God’s own heart, passionate about music, the drums, and above all, passionate about Jesus Christ. Every mother in church adores him for his quiet maturity, sharp intelligence, teachability, and great attitude.
Of course, some of us mums also secretly think he’s the kind of guy they’d love for their daughters to bring home. Why? Because the women intuitively sense that his pure heart harbours no guile nor hidden agendas and that their girls will be safe whenever he is around.

#2: Jennifer

PK No. 1

Jennifer is PK#1: Pastor’s Kid Number One. If you didn’t know already, Jennifer will quickly tell you that being a PK is a label no child should ever have to bear. Being a PK sets you up for perfection in other people’s eyes, who think you are to the priesthood born, set apart from the teenaged rabble, incapable of impure acts, living in a rarefied atmosphere of Christian love and God’s abiding word. Give her a break.

However, being a PK has its pluses. For instance, a PK will have a tendency to view all pastors democratically; afterall, dad is a pastor, and pastors wear pajamas too. Thus, on the last day of Conference–christened Hug A Volunteer Day–she spotted the Hillsong senior pastor, Brian Houston, striding across the conference grounds where we were milling about. “There goes the biggest volunteer of all,” she said to us. Quickly, for he was disappearing into one of the tents, she called out, “Mr Houston!” Brian Houston whirled round, a smile on his face, at the sound of the 19-year-old’s voice.

We watched astounded as she gushed her thanks to him for holding the Conference and impulsively (or not, who can tell what goes through the mind of a 19-year-old these days?) she gave him a hug. I think Mr Houston was the most surprised of us all.

Pk #1 with Hillsong's #1, Brian Houston

We marveled at her audacity–no, courage–in embracing one of modern Christendom’s wellknown leaders without so much as an introduction, but then, hey, Mr Houston is a pastor. Just like her dad.

#3: Nick

PK#2: The Steiff

A Classic Steiff Bear

If Luki is a polar bear, then Nick is a Steiff teddy bear. Ask me in person why.
A talented young bassist, Nick has a good head on his shoulders. Similar to Steiff bears, which are very well made. I am looking forward to seeing him take the lead in many things, even the things he might not think he is capable of right now.

#4: Stacy

Zany Stacy

Stacy, was the affable co-host of The Jen and Stacy Show podcast in our van on the streets of Sydney. Stacy, I remember from our last Hillsong Conference in 2007, was the only youth who laughed at my jokes. I had described Sandy, the squirrel in the Spongebob cartoon as “emancipated,” and I was impressed when she laughed. No one else did, of course. She was only 16 then. One cannot take for granted teenagers who laugh at one’s dry jokes, for such kids are rare as gangsta rappers at a Christian conference Down Under.
So thus ends my paean, gonna end on a rap.

We gonna do a lil’ freestyle*
Gots to make it eazy
Dontcha go be cheezy
Dontcha cop my steezy*!

* Freestyle: Improvised rap
*Cop my steezy: To mimic/take one’s style
according to The Rap Dictionary

2 Responses »

  1. woww hahaha Lil Mingle your raps are amazing and very cool; you even used rap lingo for that, wow!!

    gee you paint such amazing descriptions of us haha! have never seen a steiff bear before, but the rationale for that metaphor you used was true in this interesting kind of way!

    if it was reuben morgan i would have quaked in my boots asking for a hug!

    and WOW is that how most mums see luki?! FRESH INSIGHT ON MY PART

    • thank you for liking my rap! it’s a new genre for me. haha! Yes, Nick is a Steiff bear…and yes, Reuben we are all in awe and reverence for. As for Luki, he’s one of the sweetest guys I know. tee!

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