Letters of Life

Still on Hillsong

So Luki sent this and it made my day.

This is good writing, because he writes the way he speaks, which is deceptively easy.

Thank you for writing such nice things about me in your blog!!! I just read it and it made me reaaalllyyy happyy !!! Haha.. Thank you for doing that for all of us..

And its unfair that u did it for all of us but we didn’t do it for you,so now I’m just gonna say it to u ok..

There's magic in those drummer hands

For me… Ure the coolest ,the funnest, the funniest “older” people around I have ever known in my entire life, seriously … I mean, u can actually talk to almost everyone!!! And everytime I talk to you, its something new, something different that you talk about, discuss about, its just so fun to talk to you.. And really, I enjoy travelling with you to sydney, you just bring a different atmosphere to the team, like ure an adult, but ure still super fun!! like u will do stuff like, “ahhh its judah smith, comon let’s take a picture!!” U know those kinds or ” ohh its reuben morgan!!!” Ya u kinda get wad I want to say right?? U are a person who the youth can connect,and the adult can connect as well !! You’re just a really really fun person to be with!!

Now who wouldn’t be walking on air after reading a note like that?

This is good writing because 1) it doesn’t try too hard and 2) comes straight from the heart. We’re not talking about writing for the masses, obviously. But his voice comes out clear and strong and like his drumming, has a good feel.

Are chance meetings really by chance?

Every morning and evening, the Acer Arena seats 20,000 people at the Conference, who stream in through its 100 doorways into the coveted ground seats nearest the stage to the cheap seats high above the lights. Seating is random each time. So it boggles my mind everytime I think of the first moment I recognized my old friend, Mel, sitting a few rows ahead of me. Mel had recently migrated to Sydney with her family, but what were the odds that she’d go for the Conference? And even so, what were the odds of her walking through my doorway out of a hundred, and choosing to sit, out of 20,000 seats, where she did, in front of me?

Conversely, the friends we flew the same plane with, who booked into the same hotel, we only met once at the airport and never again. If you’re destined to meet someone, the randomness of the odds will suddenly stack in your favour, and bam! your life is changed forever. And this happens so often we forget how random, how structureless life really is. But we take for granted the structures we’ve built up daily, and now and then, the Divine hand will bestow on us a gift like the above.

The small and lovely things.


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  1. YM, whenever & after reading, my thoughts are, “Wow, how come she can express it so … and I can only nod & go ‘ya, ya’?”

    Then I look at my hand … that’s how God has created us … some long, some short … to compliment one another. (“Power of Submission” allows us to appreciate the beauty God has put in-place for us. We appreciate all things, be it big or small, around us, knowing nothing is too small for God … God loves them ALL)

    As Luki said it, you are really someone who are for all … you are able to relate to people … from/through you, people see things differently.

    The ‘not-afraid-to-voice/ask/learn’ attitude just shows the confidence you possess. (for us to emulate – such trait could only come from God)

    As TD Jakes said it, “Nobody can be the same as the other.” Nobody can be a ‘Yuming’, just be ourselves and enjoy one another’s wonders God has woven into our DNA! (1 Cor 12:4-6)

    All I have to say is, “Thanks all, for being yourselves!”

    p/s: Love your pre-drive instruction-guide, with Stacy’s gummy. It should have been recorded & shared! Wacky!

    • Dear Judith! thank you so much for writing what you did. It is very touching indeed. Another good piece of writing!
      That which comes from the heart will ALWAYS be appreciated, at least by me. Btw, was the pre-flight instruction really that funny? If so, I will reprise it again for you all! I just need a gummy string! Tee!

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