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This afternoon, I just had a really good chat with an old friend. . . spanning two oceans and a few continents….we were in the same church youth group throughout high school. Of course, after that, everybody went their separate ways. It’s a pity, but that’s just how it was then. 

Like most Gen X-ers, Facebook reconnected us. We met up for breakfast about a year ago, I think, and after the initial awkwardness, it was fun just to fill in the gaps. And there were so many to fill–university, work, church life, circles of friends we both knew.

Now he is starting life in the city I consider my second home, the city I spent a precious 12 months living a dream. I can imagine the heat of summer, the bright streets with the shopfronts promising tasty Msg-laden Chinese food, inexpensive fresh sushi, some of the best burgers in the world (White Spot rules!).  And it’s the outdoors–the rolling parks, the sense of space, the mountains looming in the north– they all beckon to be hiked, biked, walked, and explored.

It will be some time before the coolness of Fall descends, and the trees become ablaze with the fiery beauty that only Fall can bring. It will be some time before the first rains fall over the city in October. . . turning the pretty city into a mass of grey.

But still, the evergreens—those handsome Douglas firs—save the city from ugliness. The winter fog blankets the cold and misty beaches of the West side. The bays embracing the little city are the colour of river pebbles, and if you ever are standing at the edge of English Bay, or the Burrard Inlet on a grey afternoon, you might tend to get wistful for a little tropical heat and humidity.  By November, the rains come for good and promise to stay all the way til March, give or take a few weeks of sunshine.

Just when you think you’re going to be crazy from all that rain, the temperatures stop dipping, and slowly, irrevocably, bluebells and snowdrops, pansies, tulips, the flowers of Spring, start pushing up from the earth on every garden along the streets.

A new glory comes to the city of Vancouver.


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