Letters of Life

(Short Term) Memory Loss

It was a last minute scramble to put away the last minute things that were lying around the home as fast as possible before the moving company–like the Grim Reaper–came, knock-knock-knocking on my front door. These would be things like the unfolded laundry, toothbrushes, TV/cable remotes, breakfast things, and the fish tank. The fish were still swimming in it. Also, the fridge was humming along, full of sauce bottles, a huge tin of cookies, odd cheeses in Tupperware, milk cartons, cabbages and carrots. (Is it obvious that I’m not obsessed with healthy eating?) 

Anyway, by God’s grace, it is now 12 hours later, and I’ve moved.  But I realize, with a pang, that I haven’t a clue where my daily planner is, the one stuffed with important bills of the sort which fines you with impunity. True, the iPhone comes in handy. But I can’t stuff last minute Visa bills and bank statements into it. My journal has gone MIA too. The cobalt blue clothbound one. The one in which I pen my thoughts and bonmots.

They’ll both turn up eventually.  Now I’m thinking,  I need to find my hair dryer fast. 

On to more frivolous things, like this little chestnut from Mr Atkinson. Enjoy. 


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