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Month: September 2010

The Rescuing Power of Music

It’s been a while since my last post.  The trouble started when I started subscribing to feeds on copywriting and marketing one’s ideas. The more I read, the more I started stalling on my posts. My writer’s block grew. And grew. Until I succumbed to analysis paralysis: Overthinking. The thoughts and ideas whirlpooling in my… Read More ›

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Five Things You Might Want to Know About Mission Trips

I realize that people go on missions for reasons they don’t always acknowledge or are aware of. It is true that sometimes, the motive or aftereffect is one of misplaced pride or smugness that one has done a good deed. This is what I know, based on my experiences on short term missions. I’m aware… Read More ›

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Insights from a Long Run

On Saturday, for the first time ever, I ran 10 kilometres. For runners, this, I know, is just a warm-up. It’s a big deal for me because I don’t consider myself a serious runner at all. This is because: a) Prior to this, I used to run on the treadmill for a maximum of 30… Read More ›

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How You Can Fight Off Spiritual Lethargy

Eversince moving out of my 10th floor aerie and moving under a family member’s roof a month ago, I sense that not only am I under a different authority, but that I’ve entered a different spiritual realm. Ever felt that way when you stayed in a place that’s not your own for a spell longer… Read More ›

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About Time

This is an original: Children live in eternity until they learn to tell time. Ever notice that about very small children? It took a second one for me to realize this. Back in the day (everything seems back in the day these days, which can’t be a good thing), my whole days (and nights) with… Read More ›

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Making It Look Easy

“An intellectual says a simple thing in a hard way. An artist says a hard thing in a simple way.” — Charles Bukowski (American short-story writer, poet and novelist, 1920-1994) Which would you rather be, an intellectual or an artist? I used to think of myself as an intellectual, though not necessarily intelligent. You can… Read More ›

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The Lure of Tiffany’s

In between flashes of epiphany, I have decided to delight a little in Tiffany’s. My first Tiffany piece was the kidney bean sterling silver pendant, designed by Elsa Peretti. It is so simple and understated that in all honesty, I didn’t get a kick out of wearing it day in day out because it was… Read More ›

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Music for Chameleons

This really is worth a listen. Trust me. The chord progressions are of a different era, and perhaps the lyrics too. It’s half-past eight in the morning, and I’ve got miles to go before midnight. Give me strength for another day. . . And I thank You for invisible friends who ping in the dark… Read More ›

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September Morn

It’s the last quarter of 2010. Not too long ago, I had been playing Things with the then-new runners’ group over Chinese New Year, and posted Blake’s poem on the Tyger. This evening, the runner’s group did 8 km in a bid to prepare for the 10K run in December, which by the look of… Read More ›

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