Letters of Life

The Rescuing Power of Music

It’s been a while since my last post. 

The trouble started when I started subscribing to feeds on copywriting and marketing one’s ideas. The more I read, the more I started stalling on my posts. My writer’s block grew. And grew. Until I succumbed to analysis paralysis: Overthinking.

The thoughts and ideas whirlpooling in my head never passed the stringency of answering the great question, “So what?”

Thought #1:Why Pink is a Highly-Emotional Colour (And How It Could Affect Your Business).

Question: So What?


Thought #2:How Long-Distance Running Builds Your Stamina for the Marathon of Life (and Increases Your Marketshare).

Question: So what?


In desperation, I turned to the one site which has never failed me: YouTube.

[Keyword: Roxy Music]

This is what I found:

1. There was some pretty avant-garde music way back in the 70s. Even by today’s standards (which have sunk to awfully unacceptable levels. Disagree? Two words: Lady GaGa). Something like This comes on and, like a million times before, blows me away. Yes, great music distracts and is causing this digression. Music diverts. Delightfully.

2. Music inspires. These ephemeral, invisible waves of sound, so transitory, impact the mind and soul in ways that energize the spirit far more than two-dimensional written words can.

3. Music embraces a part of you where sometimes, even the physical touch can’t reach. Is this weird? Am I the only one who thinks so? Well, food for thought then. The human touch is ephemeral too, for time does not stand still.  Music rises over all of this, music is *in* all of this (on the radio, in your iPod, blasting through your ear plugs),and in your head, it embraces and clothes with invisible solace.

(Oh darn. Youtube shows Bryan Ferry playing the keys. This apart from plucking a mean electric guitar. And singing. Inimitably. Why do the talented have it by the truckloads?) And so music rescues. It is my security blanket of sound, perhaps the most permanent of all things mutable.

Everything changes but music

loops in heartbreaking longitudinal waves

soars in diatonic chords and soul progressions

dilates my vision

deviates, elevates

call it an opiate

or my soul mate

I’m pretty sure music inspires you too. Why not make a comment on how music picks you up or inspires you?


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