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Month: October 2010

Beat The Monday Blues

Last week, I did a search of Tweets around my neighbourhood and was surprised at the number of blue Monday tweets and blasts about fatigue and general malaise. Monday blues are a lot like post-party blues. You hit such a high chilling with friends and fabulous food that the next day, the clearing up, the… Read More ›

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Trick or Treat: Halloween Unmasked

I realize that Halloween raises a lot of questions in Christians, especially if you’re a parent with young children. Do you avoid talking about the festival altogether, rejecting it on superstitious grounds? Or do you look at it with an open mind, without fear and prejudice? I had my biases too, thinking it was a… Read More ›

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Reality Bytes: Five Reasons Why You Need a Salt Shaker on Facebook

Face it, the virtual community is unreal. Oh, the people behind the avatars/gravatars are real, their personas, questionably so. We put a face forward; it’s not quite the real thing. Everything we allow onto our profiles is intentional: The profile picture, the status update, the comments we make, the postcards we write about everyday life…. Read More ›

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How Running Can Make Things Better

23:27 You gotta press play on this one. It’s one of those videos from another time, a golden era of new music. China Crisis was one of those one-hit wonder Brit bands, but this video unerringly captures the shades of a distant past. Ever have one of those days when things are going swimmingly, but… Read More ›

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Responding with Style #2: What to Look For in a Man’s Dress Shirt

00:23 In the days of the aérogramme and the Filofax, the men’s department in stores of yesteryear would have made today’s young adult male cry. Dour, safe offerings in white, off white, baby blue. The most daring thing would be pin stripes. Of course there were checks, but these would be of the rustic, Howdy-Doody genre. Today,… Read More ›

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The wonder of a blog is that you get to write about stuff on auspicious dates like today, and it lets you publish and share the wonder. I know that after 2000, there was one very special day for the past 10 years, starting with 20.01.2001, same with 20.04.2004, until we get to today. The… Read More ›

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My Past Names

I cannot for the life of me quite figure out what my readers want to read. Yet. So, tonight I will answer this question: “If you could choose any name for yourself, what would it be?” My answer has a context. When I was quite young, I did not like my name. I thought it… Read More ›

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Responding With Style: What Singles Can Do When Friends Set You Up

Welcome to the opening post of a series titled “Responding With Style . . .” This series will examine how to respond to the many situations you face living in the 21st century in the city. This first post looks at the dating scene and one particular situation singles face from time to time. Ever… Read More ›

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Trends: A Look At Facebook Profiles

A feed about blogging suggests analysing forums, Twitter, and social networks to find out what people are  talking about,  what interests them, what’s bugging them, and then look for ways to help. I’ve been trawling around Facebook, visiting friends’ pages, (it’s amazing the details I miss on the Facebook landing page) reading the chatter, all… Read More ›

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