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Month: November 2010

You and Me and Katy Perry

It’s the shrillness. The high-pitched vocal frequency teeters at the brink of shattering glass and scattering class. No doubt it is a powerful voice, but not Mariah- or Celine-powerful. These women have something in their vocal tones that start with the letter ‘C’ and it ain’t found in Miss Perry. It’s Jezebel raising the hell… Read More ›

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Some Thoughts on Thanksgiving in the Tropics

I celebrated Thanksgiving in an old-fashioned way. I invited everyone in my neighborhood to my house, we had an enormous feast, and then I killed them and took their land. —Jon Stewart, satirist of the multi-Emmy-award-winning The Daily Show with Jon Stewart   My first Thanksgiving was in Bloomington, at the home of Indiana University’s… Read More ›

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The (Not So) Random Connection

It’s always been easy for me to get on an easy footing with older women; mothers and grandmothers of friends. My cousin’s mother-in-law comes to mind. I’d seen her over the years at annual family gatherings, but I never approached her because she had seemed aloof, stern almost. But when she and I briefly became… Read More ›

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A Day at the Fair

So one of the biggest events in my church calendar just ended yesterday: Christmas Fest 2010. This was our ad hoc one-day event to raise funds for our Missions Project which sends missionaries out to plant churches in the region. In the two months prior to yesterday, I planned a few things, co-wrote a blog… Read More ›

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If You Like Randomness, Click Here

“If you’re not failing every now and again, it’s a sign you’re not doing anything very innovative.” — Woody Allen The iconic film maker-screenwriter Mr Allen hit the nail on the head with this quote, probably more insightful than it is funny. But today, it fits my mood. It all began a couple of months… Read More ›

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Lessons in Love

12:20 am Every so often, I post a music video here. Today, it’s British jazz-funk band Level 42. Ok, they hit their zenith a while back, but still. . . good music is good music. Please press PLAY now. The band gained fame for its high-calibre musicianship—in particular that of lead vocalist Mark King, whose… Read More ›

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My Favorite Word

As a wordsmith, words are my tools, my medium of expression, my paintbrush, my musical instrument. My food, my ideas-generator, my passion. So how can I have any favourites? To state a preference for a word implies it has a greater value in my eyes than others. Sure, we all love pretty words like “flair”… Read More ›

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How Your Mind Is Like a Dollhouse (Sometimes)

God is like the owner of a dollhouse, the kind in the picture above, where there is no facade, and the owner can see all the rooms in the house at once and furnishes each room as He likes, and places the doll in whatever room He chooses. For you who believe, your heart and… Read More ›

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What Makes A Good Photo

At first glance, this picture looks simple. An Indian man reading the daily news in a quiet corner of a coffee shop. The tables spill out on the five-foot-way, Singapore’s answer to people-watching as customers sip coffee with condensed milk or drink Guiness after a hard day’s work. Look again. The vibrant colour tones, the… Read More ›

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