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A Day at the Fair

So one of the biggest events in my church calendar just ended yesterday: Christmas Fest 2010. This was our ad hoc one-day event to raise funds for our Missions Project which sends missionaries out to plant churches in the region.

In the two months prior to yesterday, I planned a few things, co-wrote a blog specially set up for it, rustled up mini-raffle baskets, conceptualized tee-shirt designs, gave ideas to anyone who asked, and basically tried to be helpful to the many other group leaders who were working hard preparing to merchandise cottage-style goods and services within a family-style setting.

It was fun, having a bird’s eye view of things as well as working on the smaller goal of setting a realistic target for my customized t-shirt stand and doing everything I could to anticipate what visitors would like and how much they’d be willing to pay. In a word, second-guessing.

There was no way I could have done it solo, and without a Photoshop wondergirl, a print specialist, and enthusiastic gal pals who went out of their way to accomodate my whims and fancies (all with a smile), my own sales project would have been merely an exercise in niche-market testing.

Yesterday, the camaraderie that enveloped the place was unmistakable, and to me, reassuring. I hope that new friends and members would be drawn into this closely-knit net of people, or at the very least, find it appealing enough to want to connect so we can be a part of each other’s lives.

What I saw and felt yesterday reassured me that here was a space, a group of people, among whom there was no space for being non-committal, or taking anyone for granted. Instead, there was much give-and-take, acceptance and kindness which I myself am guilty these days of taking for granted.

There’s nothing like spending more than 10 hours in one place where so much is going on with people you see mostly once or twice a week, tops. It’s different from a camp even, where people are enjoying games, chilling, eating, listening to a message. Here, everyone is *doing* something, propelled by commitment, loyalty, a drive to succeed for a common vision. We’re all in it together, doing it altogether, for none other than the One who showed us the reason to live.

Please press PLAY.

This song has great resonance for me.

A long time ago, a boy gave me a cassette with this song in it. I listened to it every night towards the close of a year in which I was young and thus immortal. At a time I was supposed to *feel* I could live forever, I merely lived from day to day, because it was difficult imagining my future, or any kind of future. Some days, I felt like dying. We are the Reason gave me faith to believe, and in believing, to put my hope in my Father in heaven, who is Love, and who promised me a future and a hope. But this is perhaps for another post.

Today—and what a long way today has come!—by His grace, I *do* feel immortal, and—I believe—I am. [11:00]

Was or is there a time you have felt or feel immortal? Everyone has, so tell me please. I’d love to hear what you have to say about it.

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  1. Beautiful name for your blog, Featherglass

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