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Month: January 2011

Markers: How Creating Starting/Ending Points Can Define Your Days

Eversince I started on a 40-day abstinence from Facebook (yes, I am a Facebookaholic), the speed at which real-life events have crowded in and overtaken me has caught me unawares. I intentionally fell off the Facebook map because the virtual life was getting its hooks into me and making me more of a virtual person… Read More ›

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The Strokes of F Scott Fitzgerald

The American writer F Scott Fitzgerald, author of The Great Gatsby, apparently once said, “You can stroke people with words.” That, Fitzgerald definitely did that in The Great Gatsby, a glittering cinematic story of New York’s Jazz Age (the 1920s), and the book, which was made into a movie starring Robert Redford as Gatsby, is… Read More ›

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How To Get On To The Cover Of Time Magazine

Ok, being on the cover of Time magazine isn’t the definitive measure of success, but it sure beats 15 minutes of shallow fame on Youtube. Anybody can get onto Youtube. All you need is an email account and a digital video camera. My question is, how did a smug, self-righteous someone propel herself from a… Read More ›

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Coming Back to What’s Familiar

Late evening and the moonlight silverplates the leaves of trees on the street. It’s the kind of night which is solitary, lonesome even, but it is alive with the thoughts of the day swirling like the stars in the deepening night sky. That’s what singer Cat Ong’s voice is like. It has a lambent quality,… Read More ›

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Brains and Prawn: How to Cook the Mekong River Prawn

Every dish tells a story and this one is kinda interesting. This is probably my first post on food. I figure with the likes of Nigel Slater and other great gourmands and foodies ruling the food blogosphere, why go in where angels fear to tread? But the story is everything. So here goes. The Mekong… Read More ›

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On Design: Mixing The Past with The Present

A home is built on the two pillars of knowledge: Thought and memory, and furniture speaks volumes on both subjects. Memory is more important than Thought, for Memory comprises old Thought and information that give rise to new Thought. That’s why I’ve always loved antiques and old things, because I’m intrigued by history. What went… Read More ›

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I Don’t Know How To Love Him

In this day and age, nothing is ever truly controversial anymore. Maybe for 15 minutes, which is an eternity in virtual time. But there was a time when songs and musicals had the ability to shock and polarize groups of people, and musicals like Lloyd-Webber’s Jesus Christ Superstar in 1973 was considered blasphemous because its… Read More ›

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How to Stay Focused

How do you stay focused on a task or activity? What do you do when you need to concentrate or get things done? Five Tips on Staying Focused 1. Put some music on. (Like I’m doing now. If you’re interested, it’s Roxy Music. Bryan Ferry’s voice is sublime.) Granted, this is not applicable when one… Read More ›

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A Post A Week

The above is another resolution added to other, existing, New Year resolutions. (It’s only the seventh day of January.) Since I’m new to the cliched idea of making New Year’s resolutions, I am probably committing the obvious mistake of making too many. If you’ve ever succeeded at keeping any resolution made at the start of… Read More ›

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More Than This

PLAY this, as it’s part of the mood of this post. Two o’clock on a Saturday morning. It’s the only time of year I’m up this late; it’s the first day of the new year. First blog post of 2011. First party in the newly-decorated place. On this night of nights, the smartphones lay in… Read More ›

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