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The above is another resolution added to other, existing, New Year resolutions. (It’s only the seventh day of January.)

Since I’m new to the cliched idea of making New Year’s resolutions, I am probably committing the obvious mistake of making too many. If you’ve ever succeeded at keeping any resolution made at the start of the year, raise your hand.

Resolution #1: To not make snide comments in the presence of people who might take things the wrong way. I’ve been described, on different occasions, as being too snarky, feisty, and irascible. Please look up these words on your own. All these were pointed out by well-meaning friends. They might have wanted to add “pugnacious” into the mix, but then again, maybe not.

Resolution #2: To spend more time practicing on the keys. This constantly appears on my list of lists, alongside other noble aims to eat healthy, exercise, read the news more, spend less time online. Success in this area is sporadic, to say the least.

Resolution #3 [NEW!]: To post on this site at least once a week. August 2010 saw the highest number of posts I’ve ever written: 21. Coincidentally, that was before I uprooted and moved out. The lowest was last month at five; coincidentally the month of moving, packing, unpacking, workmen, furniture and everything associated with a newly-decorated home. Am happy now, hence this resolution.

January is the best time to be optimistic about new ventures, new goals, new everything.

It’s 1/11 afterall.

I take requests, so if you want to read something about an idea, theme, or a problem you think I can provide a fresh angle on, please ask! Your comments and thoughts and feedback are greatly appreciated and keep me on my toes, so do drop a line. Blogs are two-way things too.


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  1. 1/11 is indeed a motivating season to draw new resolutions. I usually do mine on 12/X where X is Current-year minus 1. I don’t do more than 5 resolutions because I find it hard to keep them all. Plus, by Jan/Current-year, I would have broken at least 1.

    Still, I can’t picture you with Snarky & Irascible..

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