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Month: February 2011

Never A Good War

Being distanced from the hot zones of war, we forget what kind of hell on earth war can be. That’s when the stories of war matter. And so do its poems. Before you think poetry is airy-fairy stuff, remember that poetry is a distillation of man’s immediate and direct responses to the world around him…. Read More ›

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When Age and Youth Collide

One has created a work that is an obvious product of blood, sweat and tears. The other has created work of a different genre, but also a product of blood, sweat and tears at midnight. The first is a work of immense research, of skilled thought processes which have been distilled and carefully wrought through… Read More ›

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A Great House of The Past

Like most of the great houses built in Singapore in the late 1800s, this house had a name—Panglima Prang, which means war admiral in Malay. My earliest memories of the house go back to when I was five or six. It was the only house on a small road in River Valley called Jalan Kuala…. Read More ›

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Stepping In Where Angels Fear To Tread

After a prolonged enforced absence on the online social network, I ventured back, mainly to send a message to a new friend who lives abroad. For what was the first time in 40 days, I entered the home page and scrolled down the news feed. It was like the party I’d dropped out of was… Read More ›

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An Interesting Week

Every once in a while, a week comes along that literally takes your breath away. It’s Saturday, and I feel winded, like I’ve been climbing a tall flight of steps or run the 5 km that I missed out on Runners Wednesday. What made this week isn’t so much the things that happened but the… Read More ›

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27 Things You Never Knew About Me (Part I)

Just coming up with 27 things for one post will take me 27+ days. So, in the name of speed and productivity, this post will be in three parts. 1. I started a diary when I was 16. It was the kind which dreamy teenaged girls like, with catgories like Things To Be Thankful For,… Read More ›

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Bali Postcard

Unlike the party beach towns of Kuta, Legian and even high-end Seminyak, Ubud tucked amid the rolling padi terraces of Bali, is comparably cooler, especially when dusk falls. Even the main shopping streets are quieter, idyllic even, for the storekeepers are less aggressive and let you browse, and the absence of beaches means the absence… Read More ›

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Friend Is Not A Verb

In the Opinion Pages of the online New York Times, Schott’s Vocab “explores news sites around the world to find words and phrases that encapsulate the times in which we live or shed light on a story of note.” The writer, Ben Schott, also chairs Weekend Competitions where readers get to offer definitions on anything… Read More ›

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