Letters of Life

An Interesting Week

Every once in a while, a week comes along that literally takes your breath away.

It’s Saturday, and I feel winded, like I’ve been climbing a tall flight of steps or run the 5 km that I missed out on Runners Wednesday.

What made this week isn’t so much the things that happened but the people that came crowding into it.

After a sedate Monday, an uncle who had been battling a long ilness passed away. He was of a great lineage (his grandfather was the Chinese merchant and philanthropist Tan Jiak Kim, whose own father was Tan Kim Seng) and his passing led me to think of the part of his life I knew (post coming soon). He left no sons or daughters, but a shared life leaves its own emotional and spiritual legacies to family and extended family which, if we only realize the extent of, we could perhaps live our lives with a more liberating perspective.

Ah, the ties that bind.

The rest of the days were geared towards a shooting project that materialized yesterday morning. I spent close to 24 hours with the subject of the shoot, a young singer-songwriter schooled in jazz piano, violin and dance, and I am glad we got along well. The best part was she could wear my clothes and shoes and I didn’t realize until now what a thrill it gave to see someone else (younger, a different shape) wear the things I love in all their colours, textures, and bling.

Coming back to my first sentence, the thing that blew me away was the amount of talent I saw firsthand, from enhancing the features of someone (the makeup artist) to the photographic eye, to the art of making friends.

It was a good week.

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