Letters of Life

Month: March 2011

The Richest of Sunlight

The blinding sunlight, sieved through the translucent window shades, lost all of its glare but none of its brilliance as it washed the walls of the living room, painting them a clean, soft white. Outside, the treetops’ gold highlights and white sky were reflected in the beveled glass panels of the kitchen doors, glinting and… Read More ›

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Sunday Afternoon

Every point in one’s life at which one loses everything is far more a beginning than an end, for one has lost merely the past, and one has yet to gain the future, and eternity itself. — Douglas Gresham, Lenten Lands: My Childhood with Joy Davidman and C.S. Lewis, 1988. Yesterday, there was a lunch… Read More ›

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True Inspiration

In my previous post, I wrote about what inspires me when it comes to something creative like writing or blogging. I said that music inspires me, gets my thoughts going, and I trawl the Net for news and other fun stuff. I lied. Typical. When asked a direct question as simple as What inspires you?, I… Read More ›

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Finding Your Inspiration

Everyone is creative. If you’ve ever solved a problem on your own, ever had a crazy idea, ever said something originally funny, you’re creative. Too often, people assume creativity means you have to be artistic, or play a musical instrument, or dress oddly, but creativity, like its Creator, is bigger than all of that. Creativity… Read More ›

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Hitting A High

Today is a special day because of a number: 4500.   As of early this morning, this blog received a total of 4500 hits since its inception 15 months ago. This is interesting, because just four months ago in November, the blog hit 3,000 views. That’s a jump of half the total number of hits… Read More ›

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Lenten Thoughts

Lent 2011 is approaching. On Wednesday, March 16th, Day One of a 40-day period of Lent starts, signalling for us who choose, the start of a journey of the soul. Giving up something we like, something worthy of sacrifice, is always worth doing. Why? Because it bears the “peaceful fruit of righteousness.” In chapter 12… Read More ›

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A Not-So Ordinary Day

It’s late, but the later it gets, the more I need to write something to capture the day just gone. This song, sung by Olivia Newton-John, captures how I feel. Press PLAY. It’s not just the laidback easy feeling of the song, a quintessence of seventies’ pop, that encapsulates how I feel. Today was rather… Read More ›

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27 Things You Never Knew About Me (Part II)

A continuation of Part 1 which you can read here. 1. My fashion education started in college in midwest America. How can that be? Exactly! American Vogue became my biggest distraction when I wasn’t reading English classics or learning how to layout a newspaper’s front page. Then, at my first job with the long-extinct GO… Read More ›

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