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Finding Your Inspiration

I first met this hobby-horse, which belongs to a Singapore artist, Samantha Tio, in Mexico City.

I first met this hobby-horse, which belongs to a Singapore artist, Samantha Tio, in Mexico City.

Everyone is creative.

If you’ve ever solved a problem on your own, ever had a crazy idea, ever said something originally funny, you’re creative. Too often, people assume creativity means you have to be artistic, or play a musical instrument, or dress oddly, but creativity, like its Creator, is bigger than all of that.

Creativity though, on a consistent, daily basis, means a lot more than a crazy idea or a funny mood.

Take blogging, or writing, for instance. My life isn’t exactly on the cutting-edge of exciting, and I don’t think I’m pushing the envelope in what I do every day. But what inspires me most, besides the songs I hear or stuff I read, are people.

Sometimes it’s what been said in conversation, or just by being who they are and how they make me feel. I’ve written about new friends I’ve made here, old friends who bring out the best in me, and the ones I talk to almost daily or weekly and who are weaving their histories together with mine.

But inspiration doesn’t always strike when you want. A blog is like a plant which requires constant watering and looking at. I trawl music videos on Youtube to get started, because music gets my soul engines warmed up and running.

In trawling around, I read the online news and news magazines and all the fun stuff out there. I think about issues that are bugging me (or not), and think about why they bug me. The ‘why’ is what sets my thoughts alight and the spark sets off a fiery trail of thoughts and ideas which I can write about.

In the end though, inspiration only takes you so far. You still have to sit down and think and write letters to form words.

The words you choose to use are important. The simpler the better. “Say what you mean” is a well-known adage that is at the forefront of every writer’s mind. It’s not as easy as it seems. The good news is, the more you write, and the more you get good feedback on what you write, the better you become.

Everyone is inspired by different things. What inspires you?

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  1. It is a challenge to bring out the creative part of you. But I think if you can listen to your “inner self” and let it come forth without fear, then the creative muse comes out.

    I only got into writing late last year. It is a struggle after putting this part of my life in the back burner but I agree, the more you write, the better you become.

    • Hello Grace! Thank you for your comments. Yes, being able to dig deep into your inner self and surface the stuff there into words and meaning can be difficult. But like motherhood, it is its own reward! Keep reading, and writing!

  2. The motherhood route is forever closed to me, but I am inspired by what many of my friends describe as “that crap you read… what?! you still read that stuff??”

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