Letters of Life

If I Had My Own TV Show

My television show would be a reflection of this blog, Dont Dream Its Over. It would be a three-dimensional, real-world version of the virtual setting of my mind, and of what flits about in there.

Like the blog, it would have a structure, a template, from which I work my ideas around. An introduction (hopefully a strong one), a nice middle, and a strong ending.

It would, like my blog, be a mix of a slice of life (mine), chats with interesting people I come across, and always, my themes of love and friendship, a snapshot (or in this case, screen shot) of whats going on in the online social world, a section on music and regional musicians (whoever would deign to appear on my show), and a parting thought.

There would be seasonal themes to reflect the passing year, whether its Easter (like now), or the onset of the monsoon season (rain all day, rain all night), or that Christmas is coming.

As for frequency, this kind of varied multi-level programming would take a fair bit of effort, and not a small amount of prep, so were looking at fortnightly (and that’s ambitious!) airdates.

The name of the show? Featherglass TV!

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