Letters of Life

A Seachange

A 1910 postmark.

A Long Time Comin'

It’s been a long time comin’, but I know a change gonna come, sang soul singer Sam Cooke in 1963.

It only lasted 10 days. . .  but in that short span of eternity, the Internet–its various news and video channels, blogosphere, and social media–became a hotbed of news which seemed to stream in by the nanosecond.

All you had to do was read your newsfeeds.  Rally speeches could be seen in their entirety online, citizens could comment freely without fear of repercussions. So many voices, so much emotion, and interest, where once apathy and indifference reigned.

The intensity of emotion, heightened interest in what politicians and nominees had to say, what the citizenry had to say, all were heard in the process. All caused a seachange like nothing before in the history of this blessed isle.

Something brewed and simmered in this melting pot of cultures, this crossroads of East and West, this Antioch of Asia. The victory, when it came, was bittersweet. But something changed in the hearts of many and there now is such a thing as post May 7-11.

If we were apolitical because apathetic, many of us are no longer.

Nothing stays the same, only change.

Perfection is immutable. But for things imperfect, change is the way to perfect them. – Owen Felltham, English essayist (1602-1668)


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  1. In ’68 we said “The People united will never be defeated!”. In 1774 we said “Want salt with your Tea?”

  2. I will note that Low Thia Khiang used the phrases ‘this beautiful nation’ and ‘this blessed island’ in his May 5 rally speech before cooling-off day.

    Chen Show Mao asked, that night, what we would tell our children when they asked, “Did you do what was right for our country?”

    It all reminded me of Henry V on the eve of Agincourt. The whole atmosphere of the WP rally, if you listened to the words and not the crowds, was a rather Shakespearean one. 🙂

  3. Why was the victory bittersweet?

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