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The Deal on Creating A Look Book

Creating anything, even if it’s merely on an online cgi-engineered app, (like Polyvore) takes an awful lot of time, energy, effort, and lest we take it for granted, inspiration.

When I decide to do it for a friend, the amount of the elements listed above is not miniscule nor on a molecular level. Creating a look book, I would go so far as to say, is akin to making said friend my muse for the day. He or she is the object of my inspiration; I start thinking about personality, (athletic, loves to read, likes New Wave music) what colours that person gravitates to, whether the attitude is conservative or inclined to be adventurous, the degree to which my muse is open or closed to things of a sartorial nature.

I trawl the vast repositories of clothing, watches, shoes, fashion spreads, carefully selecting clothes, matching graphics, pictures, and colour, to what I know of his (or her) personality, likes and dislikes in colour and textures, and above all, always considering personal style, and of course, lifestyle.

After selecting a range of looks, I edit the bits and put everything together in a screen within my screen.

The end result is a risk. For unless you tell me (and I hope you do), I will never know if my look book is well-received or not.  Also, if I don’t know you well enough, I might not be able to create a ‘set’ that comes across as inspired.

Creating a look book is, and on this I am quite sure, on par with baking a cake for a friend’s birthday, or making a gift with one’s hands. Or taking a well-thought-out photo, writing a song, singing a song (preferably the one you wrote.)

Cooking a look book is fun.

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  1. Like a symbolic portrait. What used to be a coat of arms is now an armoire of coats. 🙂

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