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Month: June 2011

When A Stylista Contemplates World Missions

This post is dedicated to my gal-pal, Yv. A month ago, I very badly wanted a gold pendant I saw at Tiffany’s. But Andre said I should not get it  “without any reason.” Some friends helped me find a reason in my upcoming wedding anniversary, now only a few days away. Thing is, I don’t… Read More ›

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What It Means To Be Young

The good thing about being old is that one can be both authentically young (having been 20, then 30, and then some), as well as rightfully behave like an old codger. An ex- newspaper colleague said that working with young people makes her think she’s also still her mid-20s. Unless we talk in front of… Read More ›

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Originality in Overdrive

Recently, I posted this on Facebook, because it came from Barbara Barry, one of the American designers whose furniture I admire (and covet). She was quoted as saying: “I love when somebody’s deemed an eccentric. To me, it means they are being who they are.” A friend whom I admire asked, “Is eccentricity relative?” I… Read More ›

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Quote of the Month

11th June 2011: Quote of the Month “When I was alive, I believed — as you do — that time was at least as real and solid as myself, and probably more so. I said ‘one o’clock’ as though I could see it, and ‘Monday’ as though I could find it on the map; and… Read More ›

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Let Everything Else Go

As I was researching an upcoming guest for my next show (sneaks: Christian guitarist extraordinare Benny Prasad), I checked out another musician he once jammed with, Phil Keaggy. You can listen to the song here. I do think that anyone who listens to it will feel a sense of liberation if you let the music… Read More ›

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Top 10 Things To Do This Summer

This is a quintessential June day in the tropics–soft sunlight, clear blue skies thanks to devilish rain over the weekend, the breeze cool on my skin–which is precisely why I am thinking of the season of summer. Summer is June, July and August. A year ago today, it was summer in Tokyo, a day much… Read More ›

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What’s Cool: Dries Van Noten

Quite by accident, I walked into the Dries Van Noten store at the Hilton. I was killing time before my swanky dinner with a girlfriend, and I read a book in which a character who loves vintage clothes raved about a Dries Van Noten suit a boyfriend had once given her. Dries Van Noten (1958)… Read More ›

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Of a thing I was once unsure about, I now have a better understanding. The inkling came when my mind was drawn, this past week, into a masterpiece of a story. The inkling grew, as the prose grew upon itself, drawing pictures in my mind, of splendour in the grass, and of glory in the… Read More ›

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