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Top 10 Things To Do This Summer

The Fountain of Youth is Found in the Summertime

This is a quintessential June day in the tropics–soft sunlight, clear blue skies thanks to devilish rain over the weekend, the breeze cool on my skin–which is precisely why I am thinking of the season of summer.

Summer is June, July and August. A year ago today, it was summer in Tokyo, a day much like today. The Tokyo girls then were aglow with floral pantsuits, Rapunzel curls, dressed in baby pinks, blues, and whites. How long ago that time seems now, so much has happened that is irrevocably changed forever.

Thus, I am thankful that summer is here. Summer as in school’s out, the days stretch long and sometimes lazy, even the nights too. The children have been told to enjoy themselves and forget about the homework for a while, for when youth is gone, it’s the memories of friends, of dreamtime, of slow afternoons surrounded by the singing of the cicadas, that matter.

My Top Ten List of Things to Do this Summer 

A summer valley of art surrounded by the green hills of Hakone.

#10: Be a daytripper. Go to a nearby island for cycling, hiking, chilling and eating with friends. If this is not possible in the near future, see #9.

#9: Catch a performance. Whether it’s a musical, recital, concert, or a play, nothing beats the dynamism and energy that comes from being at close range with people who are giving their all in expression and emotion and hopefully, with heart.

#8: Read a really good book. Or two.

#7: Sign up for an end-of-the-year run. Sign up with likeminded friends. There’s nothing like committing to a distant goal by way of putting down some moolah, with the sole aim of whipping one’s body into shape so as to run 5 or 10 or 42 km all at one go. Trust me.

After filling up the online registration form, one immediately starts feeling fitter. It’s amazing.

#6: Breakfast and catch up with someone whose company you truly enjoy.

#5: Throw away stuff. Start with one room. A small room. Keep going if you feel energised by this exertion. Stop if it doesn’t.

#4: Send an email to someone you lost touch with. Or a text, or an IM.

#3: Spend time with people at least half your age. (The younger the better.) Funny how this has the profound effect of clearing the mind.

#2: Go away.

#1: Think of something you used to do all by yourself when you were much much younger and when you were single (if you are no longer) and when time was all you ever had, all you ever needed.

Think of that one day that remains forever in your memory. If it is at all possible, wrangle half a day and spend it exactly as you did all those years ago. Then write about it and post it in the comments here.


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