Letters of Life

First Impressions (III)

Nepal 2001. Mount Everest is the peak with the...

~ Where the clouds meet the highest mountain in the world ~

Last weekend, a friend brought a guest to church. She was a young woman who climbed mountains. In fact she had once climbed a mountain in China. How high? About 6,000 metres, she said matter-of-factly.

Her down-to-earth reply encouraged me to share my experiences in climbing. It took about 10 seconds.

I described a recent two-hour trek up an extinct volcano in Bali and how after the first hour, I kept asking myself why I was doing it. She smiled.

This evening, I was chatting to my running mate about the interesting people we’d been meeting in church. Both of us remembered the woman mountain climber.  I was impressed that she had climbed a very big mountain in China.

Yes, my friend said. “She climbed Mount Everest too, didn’t she?”

This is what I call my Jackass Moment #372.

One does not tell a woman who crossed icy crevasses and had a close call with an avalanche while climbing the world’s tallest mountain (8850m) about one’s piddly efforts at walking–up hills. Mounds. That’s like telling a Nobel-prize-winning physicist that you don’t really like math.

I should have stuck to talking about what I know best: Green suede shoes.

You can also read Part One and Part Two of my misadventures in creating first impressions. Leave a comment! 

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