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Month: August 2011

August Moon Part II

I’ve got the distinct impression I’m supposed to write about my birthmonth of August. At a personal level, this month will go down in memory as one peopled by old friends, new friends, young old friends, new older friends, and everyone in between. This includes faraway friends, who out of nowhere messaged me that they… Read More ›

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How Can I Say Thanks

Earlier, it crossed my mind to revisit what took place last year and compare it to today. But looking back makes one merely wistful. Living in the now and savouring it makes the future look more dazzling. That will be the next post. For now, it is late, and the weekend has been incredible. So in a… Read More ›

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One Way You Can Slow Down Time

If you want time to slow down, start running. This applies to distances of more than two km. Time slows down in direct proportion to distance: The longer the run, the slower time gets. It’s perception. But isn’t all of life perception? I’ve never been so aware of the 45 minutes or the 60 minutes… Read More ›

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~Fairy tales richly illustrated was something we loved. Every year around this time, a friend rings me up. We met in the ST newsroom a long time ago, both newbies, both a little terrified of the editors, vulnerable in the big, messy, open-plan office where stories of crime, court cases, politics, sports, and every day… Read More ›

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Waiting for a Star to Fall: The Birthing of a Song

For my friend, Royston. Sometimes a song waits for the right people to come along to bring it to completion. Most times, the composer is merely a a tool in the hands of the Maker, the Creator, from whom all things come. And if the tool gets sullied or tainted in the process, well then,… Read More ›

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Thought for the Day

“Seeing, contrary to popular wisdom, isn’t believing. It’s where belief stops, because it isn’t needed any more.” Terry Pratchett, the celebrated fantasy writer, wrote this. If you can see something, you don’t have to put much belief in it, because you know it is there. And so, I am stepping out on a limb this… Read More ›

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Never In My Wildest Dreams

Every so often, a band comes along with songs that take your breath away. Their music and lyrics become like favourite books read many times over–you know the plot, the characters are old friends–, and there are some things that only grow better with time. You want to play their songs. You download the chord… Read More ›

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The 44th Parallel

“The true secret in being a hero lies in knowing the order of things. The swineherd cannot already be wed to the princess when he embarks on his adventures, nor can the boy knock on the witch’s door when she is already away on vacation. The wicked uncle cannot be found out and foiled before… Read More ›

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Resist The Fame, Seek His Glory

A little more on my chat with Pastor John W Stevenson whom I had the privilege to chat with here. He speaks carefully, with discretion borne from much hindsight, prudence, and sensitivity. It’s a combination integral to being a musician, a songwriter, a pastor, a prophet, and most of all, a worshipper of the Most… Read More ›

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The Places of the Heart: Where Songs Come From

Recently, I met a talented musician who sings, writes his own songs, and is also a pastor and worship leader. John W Stevenson and I had the opportunity to chat for my radio podcast which features musicians from around the world. His songs have the quality of waters deep and still, yet you get the feeling you’re… Read More ›

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Letting go. [Image by WIlly Volk via Flickr] In letting go and letting God, the hardest thing is to let go completely. I surrender all, I surrender all . . . so we sing, and the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. I need to keep my arms raised, holding and withholding nothing…. Read More ›

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