Letters of Life

Waiting for a Star to Fall: The Birthing of a Song

Blacksmith working hot iron

~ Metal become stronger when subjected to high heat and lots of hammering.

For my friend, Royston.

Sometimes a song waits for the right people to come along to bring it to completion.

Most times, the composer is merely a a tool in the hands of the Maker, the Creator, from whom all things come.

And if the tool gets sullied or tainted in the process, well then, the Maker gently puts down the thing that is being made. He takes up the tool instead and looks closely at it.

He has priorities. It’s not the thing he’s making that’s important; there will always be time for making.

His tools, which are His source of pride and pleasure, His greatest strength sometimes, come first. Always.

And so He cleans it. There’s a lot of scrubbing, scraping, sometimes heat is applied to bring the impurities to the surface, to turn them into ashes. Out of those ashes will come something pure and bright. There’s also mending of things that are broken, restoring of things once bright and beautiful now tarnished. I wrote here that some things have to die in order that they might live.

In the mean time, the thing that was being made gets put into cold storage.

It becomes a sacrifice, given up in much pain and disappointment. After more than a year, it finally comes back to me, and with His help, is moulded and shaped into what it is today.

In other words, the song which I had intended for God was taken away and it was He who gave it back to me .

This time, perhaps, the song is closer to what it was intended to be.

As a child is to its parent, the song, to my mind, was something special right from the start. But it seems God is not interested in “something special.”

He was looking much deeper within; He was looking into my heart.

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