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One Way You Can Slow Down Time

Pretty Pumas

~ All you need. (Image by sarowen via Flickr)

If you want time to slow down, start running.

This applies to distances of more than two km. Time slows down in direct proportion to distance: The longer the run, the slower time gets.

It’s perception. But isn’t all of life perception?

I’ve never been so aware of the 45 minutes or the 60 minutes when I’m running, especially uphill or a steady incline.

The starting out is always a painful warm-up of cold muscles, a lazy mindset, a cold engine sputtering to start on a winter’s day. The first 20 minutes lasts forever.

Physical pain and discomfort brings time to the forefront. People run to clear the mind, it’s been said, and it is true. In the face of prolonged physical pain, what fades away are worry and other futile mental exertions. In coping with the pain, the enduring, all you care about is how much time has passed, how long you’ve taken, when the thing is over.

And so time slows down.

In what other ways does time slow down for you? Is it when doing things you detest? Leave a comment!

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  1. Actually, if you run really fast, time does literally slow down for you! But not so much in direct proportion to distance as to speed. Well, at least that’s what Einstein postulated. However, you’d have to run pretty fast to get it to work šŸ˜‰

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