Letters of Life

Running on a High

A pair of ASICS running shoes, model GEL-Kinsei

The group of runners set off without me; I was figuring out which knobs on my new Casio sports watch reset the stopwatch.

By the time I picked up my pace, the others were at least a short slope up ahead. I bounded up the incline and caught up with the group in no time.

About 500 m ahead was the lead runner. I slowed down a little, but maintained my strides. I caught up and overtook him.

Never in my wildest dreams did I, always the laggiest one, entertain the thought I could overtake the male lead.

No, I’m not tooting my horn. It’s been eighteen months of blood, sweat and tears, perseverance, running alone, a conquest of mind over matter.

The best thing is, when we go for supper after, there are plates of fried chicken wings. crispy and fragrant with shrimp paste, stir-fried vermicelli giving off the burnt aroma of a super-heated wok, green vegetables, fruit juice, and the promise of a good night’s rest.

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