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Reflections On Featherglass

Galapagos hawk


Late last year, this blog changed its name from Don’t Dream It’s Over to Featherglass.

I wanted to give this platform a name with a ‘hook’, but I stopped short of bestowing my name on it, as is encouraged by marketing websites which tell you about branding and name association. Maybe this isn’t that kind of blog.

What it is though is explained in the sixth post in this blog, titled Don’t Dream It’s Over.

The truth is, when asked to create a domain name, I had many other words competing with “feather’ and ‘glass.’ There was orchid, leopard, all kinds of words I liked the sound of. They were all taken.

Glass is wonderful, because there is glassy sea, and looking glass and sea glass.

Feather is onomatopoeic, light on the tongue, a whisper that floats on a breath, a glamour quotient in a lady’s boudoir.

It was almost arbitrary how they came together—random, in fact. Much like the offerings in this blog are tailored as surprises to my readers who never know what they’re going to get in their inboxes when Featherglass drops a post in.

It’s become a fitting name afterall.


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