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A Message From A Dream by Carl McColman

A recent post by American writer Carl McColman, whom I follow online, set me thinking in a way I had not for a long time. It benefitted my thought life in a significant way and I decided to write to Mr McColman about publishing his post in Featherglass.

I am so glad I did because here is his post A Message in a Dream, in its entirety, reprinted with permission.

I hope it inspires you as it did me. 

A Message From A Dream

by Carl McColman

Last night I had an interesting dream.

In it, I worked at a large bookstore, like a Borders or a Barnes & Noble. I had a small office off of the main sales floor where I worked, and in the dream, I walked in to my office to find three or four customers standing there, waiting to make purchases.

I didn’t have a cash register, so I escorted them out on the main floor to the cashier’s station, where to my surprise and delight I found Kitty, my assistant manager from the bookstore I ran up in Tennessee many years ago. Kitty passed away earlier this year, and this was the first time she has appeared in a dream of mine for quite some time — certainly the first time since her passing.

We both smiled as we greeted each other, and then I teasingly said, in an allusion to her death, “Kitty, it’s great to see you! But does this mean I’m in  heaven?”

“Not exactly,” she replied, her eyes twinkling. “You see, heaven is in you.”

After reading this post, the writings from the Gospel of John came to mind where our Lord Jesus speaks in deep prayer at the close of His life: “. . . And what is eternal life? It is knowing You, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom You have sent.”

You can read the writings of Mr McColman here

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