Letters of Life

20.11.2011 And Other Auspicious Dates

November Rain

Today is looking good at 20.11.2011.

Time for a post, if only to show off the date.

But the day sure was special. A visiting musician shared his life story in church, the story of a sick, unremarkable child deemed a failure in Indian society but who heard the Lord Jesus speak when he was desperately suicidal. His transformed life and his calling as a world missionary can be read here.

This year sure is special; it has not one, but three, auspicious dates. Luckily, I wrote posts on each.

1.1.2011More Than This

This first post of 2011 was special on quite a few fronts. It was when I had my first party — New Year’s Eve, no less — in my newly-decorated apartment. It was a coming home to my tropical aerie in the trees. It was a chance at starting off on a new shoe, a clean slate, a fresh space.

Memorable lines:

The residue of 2010 is still with us, the bright and happy times, the searing experiences which have hopefully receded into memory. But more than this is the march of time itself.

More than this, Time has brought us into the newness of a new decade, and it is all ours for the taking.

Let’s remember to ask first.

Bonus: A Roxy Music video.

11.1.11How to Stay Focused 

A post with five tips on how to get unpopular tasks done. It was a way of egging myself to do banal tasks like laundry and making tedious trips to the post office or grocery store.

Memorable line:

The car is just a metaphor for your own private space where you are the boss of you.

11.11.11A SIRI-Ass Conversation

One of my top posts of November 2011, which had me getting worked up at an inanimate smartphone with animated voice-recognition technology.

On this day, the social network-obsessed tried to capture this day’s once-in-a-lifetime moment by posting updates like “11:11 on 11.11.11 — Once in a millenium.” and similar updates to capture the momentousness and nothingness of the auspicious, hmm, minute.

Memorable lines:

Me: Are you coming back after WORK?

Siri: Are you coming back off Fellwork?

Me: Are. You. Coming back after WORK?

Siri: I you’ll coming back after Hwai.

Me: No-ohhhhhhh!

Siri: I don’t know what you mean by Hello.

20.10.2010 – 20.10.2010

This was more of a marker, for 2010 only produced one auspicious date.

But I did get to share a song I liked very much once, and I even wrote (and have since rewritten) a vignette to go with the melancholic tune. I didn’t rewrite the way I felt when the vignette was formed, that’d be like erasing a bit of my own history of self. I edited it to make it less, well, corny.

Bonus: An Annie Lennox video.

Memorable lines:

After 2000, there was one very special day for the past 10 years, starting with 20.01.2001, same with 20.04.2004, until we get to today. The troubling thing is that I can’t remember what happened on 20th June, 2006, or even 20.08.2008, except that a lot of people got hitched then.

Obviously it’s us who make days and dates important, not the other way around. Admiring the symmetry of a calendar date (aside from all that almanac stuff about lucky days) is akin to admiring a well-dressed Parisien in signature black, well-cut clothes. She looks good, (probably smells good), and until she turns the corner and disappears from sight, is good for that moment when she fills your vision. It isn’t forever, wasn’t meant to be, but it made life seem a little more special while she was in view.


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