Letters of Life

Natural Elegance

The Serengeti, Tanzania— What makes the endlessness of the Serengeti so thrilling to the soul is the absence of Man’s hand on the land.

No bridges, no telco structures, no lamp posts, traffic lights, no pylons. No road signs or billboards advertising good things or a good time.

Even the roads are paved with good intentions and remain dirt tracks to blend with the unending grasslands. No tarred roads to encourage speeding, littering, or the humiliating remains of roadkill. There are no buses, trains, cars, or cabs. No sound of voices, bad music, or any kind of music, but the trilling and cooing of birds, and the grassy whispers of the savanna breezes.

If elegance is defined as knowing what can be left out, then this historical national park plain, beautifully named the Serengeti, is natural elegance personified.

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  1. Again a lovely description with an economy of words.

  2. Why does it appear to be snowing in the photograph?

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