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Top Posts of 2011

These are my top 12 posts of 2011.

Chosen based on the number of hits, and words used in search engines, this list is arbitrary and hopefully, unbiased. But that is near impossible, for I have my favourites too. When they show up here I’ll tell you, and why.

January : How to Cook the Mekong River Prawn This isn’t one of my favourites at all, since it required very little writing skill and was more of a pictorial. But in all honesty, this post has chalked up one of the most hits of all my posts of all time. Right next to the 2010 post about Barbie dolls which you can read here.

February: A Great House of the Past  This post was written in memory of a close uncle who had passed away. It recollects childhood memories exploring a grand house of historical record in early Singapore. Sadly, the house is no longer around, but it lingers still, in my heart. Interestingly, this post garnered the most hits of February also.

March: Lenten Thoughts  This post about giving up something I loved doing for Lent enjoyed the most hits, not just for the Lenten season, but at odd moments throughout this year. Worth a read again.

However, The Richest of Sunlight, a snapshot of tea one weekday afternoon at the eternal hour of three o’clock, remains a personal favourite.

April: 27 Things You Never Knew About Me (III).

May: God’s Incidences (Coincidences) This is a good one. I’d forgotten.

June: Now this was an interesting month. A few chart-toppers here, with my paean to Belgium designer Dries Van Noten a surprising second to the winningly-titled Top 10 Things to Do This Summer.

Personal favourites were my thoughts on world missions, When a Stylista Contemplates World Missions, and a funny one on Katy Perry (You and Me and Katy Perry), a singer whose music I just do not get.

July: Without a doubt, this is a perennial winner: When Haha No Longer Means Just Haha.

This just in: I discovered a draft of a post, lying in an overlooked drawer like a forgotten toy. It’s got a good title, Lessons In Love (II), and looks at the question How many times have you been in love? It was a post written when I was scraping the barrel of ideas for what to write, and I abandoned it because I thought I wasn’t going anywhere with it. I don’t actually answer the question because I think it’s irrelevant.

Looking at it now, exactly five months to the day it was written, I think it’s generally—not bad.

August: This was a chat with an American pastor-songwriter, John W Stevenson. He talks about the place where music and song resides in Places of the Heart: Where Songs Come From. 

September: This little piece, titled Baggage, is a leatherbound vintage piece of Featherglass.  Of the art of not remembering.

October: Without a doubt, this facetious look at the efficacy of the smiley as an indispensable communication tool was a good read. The Smiley: Love It or Loathe It.

November: Under Grace, In the Flow was “a quiet day by all accounts, but eventful just the same.”

December: A Day at the Race was a popular post, but a personal favourite is Natural Elegance, a short piece about the beauty of the Serengeti.

The recap is done, a year skimmed, which of course does not do justice to 2011 at all.

These highlighted posts don’t share a common thread, except that most if it is real life as experienced by many.  It’s late, and analysis paralysis is setting in. Later.

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