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Check Point

Several times a month, I make myself useful by going into the office. There I write checks to pay invoices and bills sent to the clinic-surgery run by Andre. In Singapore, dates on checks have to be carefully written to fit a format that fits into six little squares: Day/Month/Year. Single digit dates and months must have zeros before them. E.g. 01-02-11 for 1 Feb 2011., 06-05-09 for 6 June 2009. It’s the zeroes in front that were always my undoing.

Wrongly placed digits invalidates the check and it gets sent back, often with a surcharge by the bank for having to return it.

Last year, a number of my checks were returned by the bank or our suppliers because I’d written the wrong year, excusable if it happened anytime in the first half, obviously.

I quite determined to be more mindful of this personal weakness in 2012 and really, this year is full of meaning what with 2012 the movie (2009), ominous predictions, auspicious happenings, and suchlike. I didn’t think I’d get the year wrong so early.

Yesterday was check-writing day and this is what happened.

The mistake is a binary one. Meaning, writing 10.01.12 in little squares loses meaning after writing out, say, six or seven checks with the same numerical progression. I mean, there’s no logic in it, is there? And it was getting to lunchtime. I squirmed in my seat. My left brain took a coffee break and my right brain went into high gear. 10.01.10. Ah, that’s SO much better in a binary sort of way, right? And that’s how this marvelous date 10.01.10 got to be there.

Good thing the left brain came back in time.

Have you ever caught yourself doing stuff like that? All the time? None of the time? Leave a comment!



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