Letters of Life

Staring at the Sun


I am not obese nor do I have weight problems. So why am I swimming and then putting on runners and running down the road towards the Gardens like there’s no tomorrow?

Exercising is supposed to make you feel good. That’s why you push yourself out of bed and out the door into the warm February air, which smells of rain. Or you slide off the slippery slimy ledge of the 50-meter pool into cool water, shivering like a duck’s tail and then get into the rhythm of frog strokes and kicks that glide you through the shallows and the deeps.

But recently I’ve been tired, as if I’d been basking in the sun too long on a Sunday afternoon, or coming back home after a long walk in the rain.

And i’m always hungry now. Instead of roses on Valentine’s Day, I think I would like a bunch of them Sweetheart Jelly Lollipops.

4 Responses »

  1. shivering like a duck’s tail

    I love the image this created in my minds eye!

  2. Hmmm… Unless there is this pair of even skinnier skinny jeans in your wardrobe you are unaware of? But hey!! Take it easy!! I am sure Andre finds you very trim already… Indeed, a good workout is when you feel so good after it.

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